BCA Launches Geopolitical Strategy Service

M ontreal, QC—April 30, 2012 – In response to industry demand, respected independent global research provider, BCA Research, will launch a Geopolitical Strategy service on May 8, 2012.  This new service, believed to be the first of its kind, will be headed up by BCA Senior Strategist, Marko Papic.

“While the BCA tradition of rigorous macroeconomic analysis has always incorporated geopolitical analysis, this new service – led by the experienced Marko Papic, will encompass the knowledge and expertise of BCA’s existing 60+ research staff – combining first class macroeconomic research and geopolitical risk analysis into a single framework”,  says BCA Director of Research, David Abramson.  “The resources committed to the GPS service have been structured to evaluate the risks posed and opportunities presented by geopolitical developments and their impact on longer term investment trends”.

In a world menaced by uncertainty and rising geopolitical risks, this new BCA Research service will provide actionable investment strategy against the backdrop of current geopolitical themes including unique and custom strategies adapted to specific tail-risk scenarios.   With a background in private intelligence and academia, Senior Strategist, Marko Papic, will avoid bias – instead relying on the fundamental analysis based on constraints and necessity.

“Our market research has determined there is tremendous potential for this service.  While 80% of clients surveyed responded that the impact of Geopolitics on their general investment decisions was “important” or “very important”,  over 65% confirmed “investment implications” were missing from their current source of Geopolitical analysis”,  states Nanci Murdock, BCA’s Marketing Manager.  “The feedback from March and April beta reports has been overwhelmingly positive – we are delighted to officially launch this product into the marketplace.”

Click here to learn more about the BCA Geopolitical Strategy.

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