BCA Research 2012 New York Investment Conference Is Now 80% Sold Out

BCA’s New York Investment Conference, September 10-11, 2012 at the Pierre Hotel is now 80% sold out. The conference theme is Investing In Turbulent Times: Debating The Issues, and BCA has brought together an outstanding group of experts who will shed light on major investment themes that will drive market performance in the coming year and beyond.

F or over 40 years, BCA Research has hosted exclusive annual investment conferences. With the 2012 event now 80% sold out, any window of opportunity to attend the meeting is closing.

Based on the highly complex and uncertain outlook for investors, this year’s meeting will feature a wide range of experts to debate the following topics:

  • Will the euro survive in its current form?
  • Are central banks destroying fiat money?
  • Is China destined for a hard landing?
  • Is the financial sector in secular decline?
  • How risky are equities?

“We are tremendously excited about this year’s event”, says Martin H. Barnes, Chief Economist of BCA Research, “Having such a diverse group of expert speakers including Marc Faber, Richard Bernstein, David Rosenberg, David Stockman (former Budget Director under President Reagan) and Michael Pettis (Professor of Finance, Peking University), it is impossible not to expect stimulating debate and discussion. We are confident our conference attendees will find the event both informative and thought-provoking”.

The exclusive 2012 BCA Research New York Conference, September 10-11 at the Pierre Hotel, is now 80% sold out.

The following topics will also be covered:

  • The U.S. fiscal end game
  • The implications of the U.S. elections
  • Geopolitical risks in the outlook
  • When will the global economy return to normal?
  • Global investment risks and opportunities

Click here for the complete BCA 2012 New York Conference Agenda.

The conference program will allow plenty of time for discussion and interaction with the audience. The BCA Conference also will provide you with a unique opportunity to network with senior investment professionals from around the world and with BCA strategists.

Please join us for what is sure to be an interesting and worthwhile meeting.

BCA New York Investment Conference

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