Cyberwar, Gas, and K2; A BCA Reading List

How the Daily Mail Conquered England : The New Yorker

In Britain, unlike in the United States, television tends to be a dignified affair, while print is berserk and shouty. The Mail is like Fox in the sense that it speaks to, and for, the married, car-driving, homeowning, conservative-voting suburbanite, but it is unlike Fox in that it is not slavishly approving of any political party. One editor told me, “The paper’s defining ideology is that Britain has gone to the dogs.” Nor is the Mail easy to resist. Last year, its lawyers shut down a proxy site that allowed liberals to browse Mail Online without bumping up its traffic.

Think Again: Cyberwar – By Thomas Rid | Foreign Policy#6

China Financial Markets » The Japan debt disaster and China’s (non) rebalancing

Gas Set to Test Capacity Limits –

As Cars Are Kept Longer, 200,000 Is New 100,000 –

Bruce Bartlett: The Origin of Modern Republican Fiscal Policy –

K2 – Danger and desire on the Savage Mountain National Geographic Magazine

K2 has a singular place in high-altitude mountaineering. Though 784 feet lower than Mount Everest, it has long been known as the mountaineer’s mountain. The sharp triangle of its silhouette and height above the surrounding terrain not only define the archetypal image of a mountain but, as a practical matter, also make K2 far more difficult and dangerous to climb. As of 2010 Everest had been summited 5,104 times; K2, just 302. Roughly one K2 climber has died for every four who’ve succeeded. 

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