Milk, Iran, and Optimism: A BCA Reading List

Even Dairy Farming Has a 1 Percent – the last decade, dairy products and cow feed became globally traded commodities. Consequently, modern farmers have effectively been forced to become fast-paced financial derivatives traders.


We’re Underestimating the Risk of Human Extinction – Ross Andersen – Technology – The Atlantic

Each time we make one of these new discoveries we are putting our hand into a big urn of balls and pulling up a new ball—so far we’ve pulled up white balls and grey balls, but maybe next time we will pull out a black ball, a discovery that spells disaster. At the moment we have no good way of putting the ball back into the urn if we don’t like it. Once a discovery has been published there is no way of un-publishing it.


The Iran Debate: To Strike or Not to Strike | Foreign Affairs

Why The Future of Neuroscience Will Be Emotionless | Why We Reason


Elaine Fox on Optimism | FiveBooks | The Browser

The psychologist and professor of cognitive neuroscience reveals the benefits of positive thinking – if grounded in realism – and why some of us may be genetically predisposed towards pessimism, but can overcome it.

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