Energy Sector Strategy


BCA is the market-leading provider of independent investment research. Our Sector Strategy Services combine our proprietary macroeconomic framework with in-depth domain and industry expertise to provide unique insights and investment opportunities.


Energy Sector Strategy builds on BCA’s macroeconomic research and adds analysis on subsectors and company-level winners and losers. Our approach overlays macroeconomic themes and indicators with commodity expertise, sector-level analysis, and fundamental research to deliver a consistent framework that connects the dots from analysis to actionable conclusions.



  • Thematic Research: In-depth analysis of themes and emerging trends in the energy sector. Each report will provide a detailed review of the topic, subsector views and fundamental research to identify company-level winners and losers. Each report will present actionable investment recommendations to support different investment strategies.
  • Market Updates: A review of the market-impacting indicators and changes within the industry, with updates on BCA subsector views and recommendations.


  • Special Reports: Covering a specific topic or theme in more depth, supported by investable conclusions.
  • Alerts: Thoughtful coverage of time sensitive developments within the energy industry.
  • Chartbooks: An extensive selection of charts, relative valuations and indicators on the energy industry.


  • Webcasts: A monthly interactive webcast with the lead Analyst reviewing specific subsectors, market trends, company outlooks and answering questions from clients.
  • Analyst Call: A regular call with the lead Analyst to help integrate our research into a client’s investment focus and strategy.


  • A unique web platform that provides access to our research, latest recommendations, polls and responses to client questions.


  • A complete, consistent and objective investment framework that delivers end-to-end investment research and
    long-term actionable recommendations.
  • A unique team that combine macroeconomic analysis, energy industry expertise and investment modeling skills.
  • Long-term perspective to distill the real impact of emerging trends and market changes.

Matthew D. Conlan, CFA, Senior Energy Strategist

Matthew Conlan is a Senior Editor and Energy Sector Strategist at BCA Research. Prior to joining BCA Research in 2015, Matt analyzed the Energy Sector for over 20 years as a Sell Side Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities, Weeden & Company, ABN Amro, and Prudential Securities. Matt started his career as an Investment Banker in the Energy Group at Smith Barney. Matt is a CFA charter holder and graduated from Williams College with a double major in Mathematics and Economics.

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