Krugman, 2020, And Corporate Sex Scandals; A BCA Research Reading List

How Paul Krugman Broke A Wikipedia Page On Economics –

There’s a lockdown on the Wikipedia page for Austrian economics and wouldn’t you know it, one or way or another, it all seems to be Paul Krugman’s fault.

Bain Consulting – Growth Trends To 2020

The Independent – World In 2020 (article)

Centre For European Reform – The World In 2020 (article)

By 2020, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Chinese economy could overtake the US to become the largest in the world, at least when measured using purchasing power parity (PPP) exchange rates. India is expected to grow rapidly to become the third biggest economy. Alongside these Asian giants, a series of smaller powers – such as Iran and Russia – will increasingly be able to exploit their nuclear weapons and energy to increase their say in world affairs.

Frost & Sullivan (Research Report)

This research captures the global pertinent forces of the future that impacts business, society, cultures and personal lives. These mega trends are macroeconomic forces of development that will define our future world and its increasing pace of change. It is important to continuously track these Mega Trends to gain a strategic vision and to capitalize on emerging opportunities and to understand needs of the future customer. For the purpose of this study, these mega trends are categorized into urbanization, social, economy, technology, energy, e-mobility, infrastructure, business, health and wellness, smart factory and industry-specific trends.

For Money Manager, A Hard Fall From A Lofty Perch – Los Angeles Times

Two years ago, Peter J. Eichler Jr. was one of the most successful men in Southern California.

His money management firm ranked among the largest in Los Angeles, with high-wattage clients such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. And he fashioned a lifestyle that was sumptuous even by the gilded standards of Wall Street.

Eichler paid himself $33 million one year. He owned five homes. He had a fleet of luxury cars, including a $320,000 chauffeur-driven Maybach. He shuttled to and from Europe in private jets….. A $28,000 bonus Aug. 23 was followed by $135,000 the next day. Eichler gave himself nine bonuses that month, including three in one day. The final payout came less than a week before the firm filed for bankruptcy.

The Strange History of Corporate Sex Scandals Bloomberg

Independent Investment Research


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