Overweight S&P Materials

The S&P materials sector is well positioned for a positive surprise as the global recovery gathers pace next year, even if developing economies remain laggards. The downshift in Chinese economic growth, lackluster trends in commodity … [More.]

A BCA [Peter Berezin] Double Feature

When Was The Last Time You Read The Bank Credit Analyst? Published continuously since 1949, The Bank Credit Analyst provides a monthly forecast and analysis of trends in major investment markets, with particular emphasis on equities, business … [More.]

Markets To Fed: Message Received

After struggling for months to separate market expectations for tapering from the start of the tightening cycle, there is evidence that these two events have finally desynchronized. The chart above shows that the Fed's message about de-linking … [More.]

Stand Aside On Gold

The window is closing for a gold (and silver) trading rally. Gold prices have failed to rally from deeply oversold conditions. Moreover, this does not simply reflect dollar movements. The advance/decline line for gold in various currencies … [More.]

Don’t Ignore Doctor Copper

A sneak peek into the weekly report from the ever fabulous Dhaval Joshi, Chief European Strategist, BCA Research. But first, thanks to our friends at Metal Bulletin for the following interview! … [More.]