BCA Investment Conference: Kohn On Challenges Faced By Fed

At BCA's recent New York Conference, Don Kohn provided a defence of the Fed's aggressive support of the economy. Kohn argued that there was too much focus on the costs of monetary activism and not enough on the benefits. It might be better to … [More.]

China: The Housing Conundrum

Home prices in China are heating up again, and some marginal restrictions on the demand side (especially in major cities) are possible. However, our China Investment Strategy service doubts that the government will continue to pursue the vicious … [More.]

Gold: How Tactical A Bounce?

We maintain that gold is not in a cyclical bull market. The factors underpinning gold's $150 rally from the $1216 low on July 5 have been far from uniform: The trade-weighted dollar (shown inverted) has stopped rising, but neither is it … [More.]

Summers Or Yellen (The Update)

We recently weighed in on the debate about the next Chairman of the Fed. With Summers now out of the race, a speedy decision would be the most market-friendly outcome. Financial markets do not like uncertainty. One of the main problems with … [More.]

Summers Or Yellen?

Early results of BCA's Daily Insights poll, “Who will be the next Fed Chairman?” show that only a small minority of respondents believe that who becomes the next Chairman in irrevelant to financial markets. Furthermore, according to the poll, it is st … [More.]