Is Abenomics Working?

There are some signs that Abenomics is beginning to bear fruit. Although many have cast doubts over Shinzo Abe’s reform plan, there are emerging signs that aggressive monetary reflation is having a positive impact on the Japanese economy. M … [More.]

Japan: On The Path To Debt Monetization

According to our Bank Credit Analyst service, current Japanese policies will be insufficient to finally break deflation’s grip. The good news is that policymakers are not without options. The government will have to postpone the VAT hike s … [More.]

Easy Money versus Weak Growth: Can The Bull Market Be Sustained? [Final Agenda]

The 2013 BCA New York Investment Conference will be held September 23-24, 2013 at The Waldorf Astoria. We are delighted to announce that the official agenda for the 2013 BCA Research New York Investment Conference is now finalized.  The conference … [More.]

Australia: A Fading Star?

Our Global Investment Strategy service takes a rather bearish view on the Aussie economy and financial markets. Australian shares ended their spectacular 10-year bull market relative to the global benchmark in 2008. They have since lagged the … [More.]

BCA Research Launches Global Real Estate Strategy

Montreal, Quebec June 24, 2013 BCA Research, a world leading provider of independent investment research, is pleased to announce the latest addition to their extensive product line-up, Global Real Estate Strategy. The product includes a … [More.]