Chinese Growth: What Went Wrong?

At 7.4%, China’s annual GDP growth rate in the past quarter matched some of the lowest growth numbers in China’s recent history. According to our China strategists, the slowdown is due to a combination of both global and domestic factors. … [More.]

The Two Pikettys

Thanks to Peter Berezin, Chief Strategist of The Bank Credit Analyst, for taking the time to provide us with a few timely comments on Thomas Piketty's controversial new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.  By my count, there are already o … [More.]

BCA 2014 New York Investment Conference

BCA's New York Investment Conference will be held on September 15-16, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt Manhattan. The conference theme is Investment Opportunities In An Aging Bull Market, and we are bringing together an outstanding group of experts to discuss … [More.]

U.S. Consumer Spending: A Positive Surprise!

U.S. retail sales in March popped higher, while February revisions were positive. After hibernating this winter, U.S. consumers appear to be opening their wallets again. March retail sales data were strong across the board - the only … [More.]

Brazilian Banks: Not Out Of The Woods Yet

The carnage in Brazilian assets over the past three years has not spared the country’s banks. According to our EM strategists, bank stocks in Brazil have not yet priced in the economy’s most likely path toward recession and the ensuing negative eff … [More.]