U.S. Equities: Does It Still Make Sense To Favor Growth Over Value?

Our U.S. equity strategists argue that the parabolic rise in the growth vs. value trade has run its course and is no longer sustainable. The bulk of our style Indicators shown in the chart above signal that macro conditions are still tilted in … [More.]

How To Play Fresh ECB Easing

The plunge in oil prices has raised the risks that the ECB will not hit its inflation target, even with European growth showing solid upside momentum. Additional ECB easing measures are likely in March. What are the best ways to play for additional … [More.]

Hunkering Down

The horrendous start in the S&P 500 this year appears to reflect a catch up phase. Breadth had been narrowing throughout last year, with only a handful of stocks supporting the broad market while the average stock suffered a more dire fate. … [More.]

Profit, Multiple & Margin Trouble Are In Store For Global Equities In 2016

The U.S. dollar has recently been negatively correlated both with the MSCI All-Country World Index (ACWI) and deep cyclical sectors. Given that the U.S. comprises over 50% of the MSCI ACWI, a firming in the U.S. dollar eats into U.S. corporate sector … [More.]

Webcast Replay – The 2016 Outlook: Stuck In A Rut

Crusty old Mr. X, BCA’s loyal client paid us his annual visit to discuss the economic and market outlook. Regrettably, neither his December meeting with BCA’s Strategists nor the rough start markets are off to this year did much to assuage his con … [More.]