Introducing Our Global Sector Earnings Models And Positioning

Currently, Global Alpha Sector Strategy’s global equity sector earnings models are consistent with maintaining a defensive portfolio structure, which will provide protection should the liquidity-driven overshoot run into trouble in the coming m … [More.]

ECB: A QE Update

Apart from setting a date (March 9th) for the beginning of its asset purchase program, the ECB filled in some other details around its policies. In the press conference introductory statement, President Draghi announced upward revisions to … [More.]

Chinese Monetary Policy And Stocks

While the latest rate cut is clearly positive and is long overdue, the PBoC is still behind the curve. Monetary conditions remain far too tight, and further easing is likely. Speaking at China's annual parliamentary hearing, Premier Li … [More.]

Guess What Country?

Here is a guessing game from BCA’s Geopolitical Strategy: what European country did The Economist refer to as incapable of pursuing structural reforms and bent on redistributing income? A country run by policymakers looking to ease monetary policy a … [More.]

U.K. Election Preview

In a recent Special Report, our European and geopolitical strategists discussed investment implications of the upcoming U.K. elections. The U.K. general election is set for May 7, with the outcome too close to call at this point. If we had … [More.]