BCA Research Launches New Application: BCA Analytics (BAN)

BCA Research introduces BCA Analytics – a new application to bridge the gap between strategy research and the investment decision-making process. BCA Research is pleased to announce the launch of a new research application, BCA Analytics. D … [More.]

U.S. Bond Strategy: Trim Duration Further

The counter-trend rally in U.S. Treasurys that we had anticipated has largely played out and it is time to position for an eventual resumption of the cyclical bear market. We recommend moving bond portfolio duration to a fully below benchmark … [More.]

HedgeFund Intelligence: Global Hedge Fund Assets Near $2.35tr As Big Firms Drive Growth

Thanks to our friends at HedgeFund Intelligence for sharing an excerpt from their upcoming Global Review. Reprinted with the full permission of HFI. All rights reserved. London, October 2013 – The growth in global hedge fund assets continued to a … [More.]

Hold Mining Stocks

Our Commodity & Energy Strategy service remains strategically bullish industrial mining stocks for a number of reasons: The global yield curve is steepening, which is usually bullish industrial miners. To the extent that a steepening … [More.]

BCA Investment Conference: Kohn On Challenges Faced By Fed

At BCA's recent New York Conference, Don Kohn provided a defence of the Fed's aggressive support of the economy. Kohn argued that there was too much focus on the costs of monetary activism and not enough on the benefits. It might be better to … [More.]