Middle East: A Tale Of Red Herrings And Black Swans

The U.S. deleveraging from the Middle East has exposed once-suppressed fissures between its inhabitant states. The result will be heightened geopolitical risk, with consequences for oil price volatility. However, a clear understanding of the regional … [More.]

Don’t Give Up On U.S. Pharma

U.S. pharmaceutical stocks have been a juggernaut throughout the most intense valuation expansion phase of the bull market since 2012. The group has ticked all the boxes, providing growth, safety, yield and a chance to harvest takeover premiums … [More.]

EM Corporate Health: Profitability

Our EM strategists’ analysis of nine non-financial sectors across 18 EM countries has not revealed widespread signs of improved corporate profitability or profit margins: Net profit margins for EM non-financial companies have dropped to well b … [More.]

U.S. Growth: Worries About 2016

Our Global Investment Strategy service is concerned about how the U.S. growth picture will unfold next year. The Great Recession created a lot of pent-up demand, which has slowly been exhausted over the past few years. Auto sales are now close … [More.]

BoJ To Boost Japanese Stocks

Buy Japanese stocks in advance of the BoJ meeting on October 30th. The Japanese economy has clearly slowed of late. Growth turned negative in Q2, and the latest data on industrial production and exports suggest that the economy likely … [More.]