Buy U.S. Bank Stocks, Short Canadian Banks

Our Global Investment Strategy service recommends going long U.S. financials while shorting their Canadian peers: housing dynamics are completely out of sync between the two markets. The U.S. residential market is recovering briskly from very … [More.]

Two Fed Chairman Contenders, Lawrence Summers And Donald Kohn, To Speak At 2013 BCA New York Investment Conference

We are tremendously pleased to announce that two of the potential candidates for nomination to be next Fed Chairman, Lawrence Summers and Donald Kohn, are confirmed speakers at the 2013 BCA New York Investment Conference.  The conference theme … [More.]

China: More Tightening On Local Government Debt?

Our China Investment Service argues that any move towards gaining clarity on the Chinese local government debt situation is a market friendly development. Last Friday, the Chinese central government ordered an immediate auditing of the country’s m … [More.]

Euro Area: No Longer The Ugliest Of Them All

On several key measures – government finances, competitiveness, and banking solvency – the euro area is no longer winning the world’s "ugly contest". Given that Europe had the world’s ugliest structural deficits in 2009, the biggest fiscal drags … [More.]

Larry Summers To Give Keynote Address At BCA 2013 New York

We are ecstatic to confirm that the speaker list for the 2013 BCA New York Investment Conference is now finalized, with the phenomenal (and possible future Fed Chairman!) Larry Summers as a keynote speaker. The event will be held September 23/24, … [More.]