Are Rapidly Rising Yields A Potential U.S. Equity Roadblock?

The level of yields is not yet economically-damaging, but our U.S. equity team argues that the speed of the advance has reached the point where investors should expect equity volatility. The speed of the yield jump is unnerving for stock … [More.]

Do Not Miss This Conference!

Obama said July 31 he is considering Yellen, Summers and Kohn. — The Financial Post We are delighted that two of our New York 2013 esteemed speakers, Lawrence Summers and Donald Kohn, are contenders to be the next Fed Chairman. Moreover, you should n … [More.]

Tapering And The Potential Impact On Credit Spreads

According to our U.S. Bond Strategy service, there could be some modest disruption in the performance of risk assets as the Fed pares back its asset purchases. One key question about Fed policy is whether quantitative easing works through the … [More.]

Buy U.S. Bank Stocks, Short Canadian Banks

Our Global Investment Strategy service recommends going long U.S. financials while shorting their Canadian peers: housing dynamics are completely out of sync between the two markets. The U.S. residential market is recovering briskly from very … [More.]

Two Fed Chairman Contenders, Lawrence Summers And Donald Kohn, To Speak At 2013 BCA New York Investment Conference

We are tremendously pleased to announce that two of the potential candidates for nomination to be next Fed Chairman, Lawrence Summers and Donald Kohn, are confirmed speakers at the 2013 BCA New York Investment Conference.  The conference theme … [More.]