Guess What Country?

Here is a guessing game from BCA’s Geopolitical Strategy: what European country did The Economist refer to as incapable of pursuing structural reforms and bent on redistributing income? A country run by policymakers looking to ease monetary policy a … [More.]

U.K. Election Preview

In a recent Special Report, our European and geopolitical strategists discussed investment implications of the upcoming U.K. elections. The U.K. general election is set for May 7, with the outcome too close to call at this point. If we had … [More.]

U.S. Equity Valuations: To Be Dismissed?

History shows that valuations don’t matter until they do. The challenge is gauging what will cause investors to balk at current multiples, which have vaulted to elevated levels. Monetary policy uncertainty is a potential candidate: reduced d … [More.]

China’s Commodity Trade Data: Interpretation And Implications

China dominates numerous commodity markets globally – from iron ore and steel to base metals and agricultural markets. In a recent publication our commodities team took a deep dive into China’s trade data to better understand China’s role in these mar … [More.]

QEs And EM: A Love-Hate Story

Has quantitative easing (QE) among developed nations’ central banks benefited emerging markets (EM)? While it seems very intuitive to answer “yes,” our EM strategists believe the interaction between G7 QEs and EM financial markets and economies has be … [More.]