We Read (And Liked)… World Order

Henry Kissinger’s World Order 1 is a great read for anyone who wants to quickly brush up on some core tenets of geopolitics. The beginning of the book takes the reader from the end of the Roman Empire to the subsequent attempts by various powers to re … [More.]

Global Policy Divergence Still At Play

Events and economic data over the past couple of weeks reinforce the divergence between U.S. and Eurozone monetary policy. In terms of the ECB, the rollover of long-term inflation expectations is undoubtedly quite uncomfortable. The last thing … [More.]

U.S. Equities: Disinflationary Headwinds

Stocks continue to run into a brick wall at the upper band of this year's trading range. The best case scenario may be an extension of the recent lateral move as deflation pressures are absorbed. Producer prices and the momentum in forward … [More.]

Climate Change And Alternative Energy: Bullish Opportunities And Implications For Oil & Gas

Recently, BCA’s Commodity & Energy and Geopolitical Strategy teams published a joint Special Report which focuses on what climate-change talks mean for investors. The special report highlights the following points: A survey of where a … [More.]

U.K. And U.S. Economic Similarities Are Striking

U.K. and U.S. economies are at a similar stage of the cycle, but terminal rates are very different. The acceleration in U.K. wage growth amid low unemployment and dismal productivity growth reminds us of another economy. The similarities with … [More.]