Strategy Outlook Third Quarter 2015

Our Global Investment Strategy service recently published their Strategy Outlook for Q3 2015. The quarterly report highlights the following points: Global growth should pick up in the second half of the year, but will remain too low to … [More.]

China: The Economic Fallout From The Stock Selloff

It is premature to tally the economic damage from the equity market selloff while it is not yet clear that the market riot is over. However, based on what has happened so far, our China strategists expect the economic fallout is muted. The … [More.]

Fixed Income Strategy: Implications Of Renewed Commodity Price Weakness

All eyes are on Greece at the moment, but in the background EM demand continues to lag and non-oil commodity prices are quietly softening. Metals have been particularly weak, while the rise in iron ore prices since April is beginning to look like a … [More.]

The Manic Chinese Market Bodes Well For Our Long Chinese Consumer/Short Chinese Exporters Trade

Global Alpha Sector Strategy’s intra-Chinese equity sector pair trade hit the 20% return mark. We recommend sticking with the trade, but raising the trailing stop. The Chinese stock market is in freefall, forcing the authorities to scramble daily … [More.]

Greece: It’s All About Debt Relief Now

Market reaction was fairly subdued following the weekend’s historic referendum that rejected the Troika’s offer. The ball is now in Greece’s court as the government must provide a new proposal. The key question is whether creditors are willing to offe … [More.]