Warning Signals For EM Equities

There is no science that helps differentiate between temporary rebounds and lasting bull markets in the early stages of a market upswing. Our EM strategists reviewed several indicators that suggest the current rebound is quite fragile, and that … [More.]

Strategy Outlook: Ten Predictions For The Rest Of The Year

Our Global Investment Strategy service recently published their Q2 Strategy Outlook, which highlights ten predictions expected to drive global financial markets throughout the rest of the year. The quarterly report discusses topics such as: - … [More.]

Weak Productivity Growth: Don’t Blame The Statisticians

There is little evidence to suggest that the decline in productivity growth in the U.S. and many other countries in recent years is the result of measurement error. While the mismeasurement problem in the IT hardware industry has likely intensified … [More.]

BCA’s Latest Webcast – Is the beta rebound a sigh of relief or a sign of resilience?

The rebound in risk assets has largely priced out the macro tail risk of a deflationary spiral, but we are not yet ready to upgrade our macro outlook to a point that justifies wholesale portfolio repositioning into the global cyclical risk … [More.]

Global Equities In The Fed’s Wake

Global equity and commodity prices have cheered the Fed's dovish forecasts published last week. Meanwhile, the stability in the yuan is another source of glee for EM and commodity markets. However, we continue to expect the Fed-induced rally to be … [More.]