Jurre, Wolfson Economics Prize

We at BCA were delighted to hear that the youngest ever entrant to the Wolfson Economics Prize - 10 year old, Jurre Hermans of Breedenbroek in Gelderland Achterhoek, Netherlands - has received such tremendous acclaim for his submission.  While not s … [More.]

LTROs Were A Hit, But…

The ECB’s credit injections helped provide much needed liquidity, but money supply data suggest that the LTROs have done little to improve private sector lending. uropean money supply data showed an uptick in M3 to an annual growth rate of 2 … [More.]

Capital: China Fallout – Via: The Edge Singapore

Reprinted from The Edge Singapore The fallout from slowing Chinese growth is the main reason why emerging-market equities have not been able to rally with the Standard & Poor’s 500, which is up 11.6% this year, after gaining 8.4% last year, r … [More.]

A Few Great Articles From Our Friends @ Wharton

Finance and Investment China's Gravity-defying Economy: How Hard Will It Fall? As China's high-octane economy shifts into lower gear, virtually everyone agrees that the double-digit, super-charged boom years are drawing to a close. Speculation … [More.]

Elections In France: How Important For Europe?

A socialist candidate win in France could be near-term bearish for French equities, but the country’s larger problem is an unwillingness so far to tackle much needed labor market reform. nvestors are watching the French elections carefully. S … [More.]