Sweden, S&P And Sports Scandal; A BCA Reading List

Northern lights | The Economist

Thirty year ago Margaret Thatcher turned Britain into the world’s leading centre of “thinking the unthinkable”. Today that distinction has passed to Sweden. The streets of Stockholm are awash with the blood of sacred cows. The think-tanks are brimful of new ideas. The erstwhile champion of the “third way” is now pursuing a far more interesting brand of politics.

Timothy Geithner on Populism, Paul Ryan, and His Legacy | New Republic

Burning Down the House of S&P : The New Yorker

Analyst 1: btw that deal is ridiculous
Analyst 2: I know right…model def does not capture half of the…risk
Analyst 1: We should not be rating it.
Analyst 2: we rate every deal…it could be structured by cows and we would rate it.

Wikipedia Signpost Special report –   Examining the popularity of Wikipedia articles: catalysts, trends, and applications

How to Gain or Lose 30 Minutes of Life Every Day: Scientific American

Match-Fixing in Soccer – Grantland

So let’s say I told you that a major international law-enforcement agency had uncovered a mountain of evidence that indicates the most popular sport in the world was being manipulated by a criminal ring that was profiting to the tune of — conservatively — millions of dollars. On one level, that’s good news, isn’t it? I mean, it’s terrible that it happened, but now that the police know, things can change! We’ll see arrests! We’ll see books opened! The truth will come to light! At a minimum, FIFA will take strong and immediate steps to make sure this never happens again. Right?


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