BCA Top Trades


BCA Top Trades identifies and aggregates the high conviction trades from each of BCA’s strategy services. It also provides rationale for each position and highlights which trades will be facing significant challenges or opportunities in the weeks ahead. Moreover, BCA Top Trades offers performance tracking on a daily basis and notifies clients if trades are being stopped out.

Competitive Advantage

  • BCA Research’s Top Trades service is a novel offering where all of the highest conviction trades from all of BCA’s strategy services are made available to clients in one report.
  • Provides insight into the themes dominating global markets and the world economy, with actionable ideas and practical means to benefit from these major macro forces.
  • This approach is unique and the result is the combination of simplicity, conciseness and timeliness to help clients generate alpha while benefitting from the insights of our Strategists.


Bi-Weekly Reports
The reports review the rationale behind each new trade recommendation, changes in positions, identifies big movers during the past two weeks, as well as the bets most likely to generate large moves in the next two weeks.

Monthly Review
Once a month, a theme is examined and trades to profit from this idea are proposed.

Online Trades Database
Offering an easy way to track our positions with trade tables updated daily. If any trade is closed or stopped out between publication dates, clients will be kept updated with an alert from BCA Top Trades.

Mathieu Savary, Senior Editor

Mathieu Savary joined BCA Research in 2004 and is currently the Editor/Strategist of the BCA Top Trades service, as well as the Editor/Strategist of the Global Investment Strategy service. During his tenure at BCA, he has served as the Senior Analyst of the Global Investment Strategy service, as well as the Research Assistant of the European Investment Strategy service. Previously in his career, Mathieu was a Global Macro Research Analyst with Brandywine Global Investment Management. Mathieu holds a Bcom in Finance and Economics from McGill University, and holds the CFA designation.

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