EM Equity Sector Strategy


BCA is the market-leading provider of independent investment research. Our Sector Strategy Services combine our proprietary macroeconomic framework with in-depth domain and industry expertise to provide unique insights and investment opportunities.


EM Equity Sector Strategy builds on BCA’s global macroeconomic thematic research, adding analysis on industry sectors and company level winners and losers. Our approach overlays macroeconomic themes and indicators with sector-level impact analysis, fundamental company research and quantitative modeling to deliver a consistent framework that connects the dots from analysis to actionable investment conclusions.



  • Investment Case: In-depth analysis of themes and emerging trends. Each report will provide in-depth research for an investment case, sector views, and fundamental research to identify company-level winners and losers. Each report will present actionable investment recommendations to support different investment strategies.
  • Market Updates: A review of performance on the top and bottom 20 ranked sectors based on our proprietary quantitative ranking model, changes within the market and updates on BCA sector views and recommendations.


  • Special Reports: Covering a specific topic or theme in more depth, supported by investable conclusions.
  • Alerts: Thoughtful coverage of time sensitive developments within EM Equity Markets.


  • Webcasts: A monthly interactive webcast with the lead Analyst reviewing specific sectors, market trends, company outlooks and answering questions from clients.
  • Analyst Call: A regular call with the lead Analyst to help integrate our research into a client’s investment focus and strategy.


  • A unique web platform that provides access to our research and proprietary model to allow users to analyse and screen EM equity sectors and company-level data and analytics. For each sector, we provide a BCA score, which quantifies investment potential.


  • A comprehensive and consistent objective investment framework that integrates macro and sector research with fundamental company analysis to deliver superior investment ideas.
  • Link market opportunities to investment strategies though our unique online ranking tools and screener.
  • Track market changes and emerging trends through high quality research and Analyst access.

Garry Evans, Chief Strategist

Garry Evans joined BCA Research in August 2015 as Managing Editor of the Global Asset Allocation service. He previously worked at HSBC for 16 years as Global Head of Equity Strategy, Asia-Pacific Strategist, and Japan Strategist. Garry was Editor of Euromoney Magazine from 1990 to 1998. He has an MA in Asian Studies from Cambridge University, and undertook postgraduate studies in economics at Kyoto University in Japan.

Oleg Babanovs, Strategist/Editor

Oleg Babanov joined BCA Research as EM Sector Strategist/Editor in February 2016. Prior to that Mr. Babanov worked in various roles in private wealth management, as Fixed Income Analyst for Credit Suisse (Commodities and Emerging Markets Credit), as EMEA Equity Research Associate for Bloomberg and Equity Analyst for an EM specialist asset manager. Oleg holds a BSc Hons from Royal Holloway and MA from University College London.

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