Emerging Markets Strategy

Competitive Advantage

  • Incorporates a robust fundamental and qualitative analysis on key themes for a variety of countries as well as a comprehensive method of country comparison that highlights investment trends and country asset allocation.
  • Discusses critical global themes and their interaction with emerging markets to help clients understand the big picture by merging global research with country insights.
  • Ties all emerging market asset classes together to deliver actionable and specific investment recommendations allowing clients to preserve capital or capture major market moves.

Timely, actionable advice on investment opportunities in emerging market equities, currencies, credit and bonds across 20 countries.


Weekly reports
Reports identify pockets of imbalances, profit opportunities, mispricing and key themes for several emerging market countries.

Special Reports
Focused on distinctive analysis of each economy from the cyclical and structural perspectives, these in-depth Special Reports formulate major emerging market themes and include original investment ideas.

Online Thematic Chartpacks
An extensive selection of all major charts and indicators covering various financial and economic variables critical for emerging market strategy.

Country Equity Allocation And Trading Recommendations
These tables highlight investment stance (overweight, underweight, neutral) on each country’s equity market, as well as all current recommendations on bonds, credit and currencies across all countries.

Arthur Budaghyan, Chief Strategist

Arthur Budaghyan joined BCA Research in 1999. He has been responsible for EM trading strategies at the firm since 2002 and became Chief Strategist of the Emerging Markets Strategy service in 2005. Prior to joining BCA, Mr. Budaghyan spent four years in Armenia with a regulatory government organization supervising financial markets. He has an MBA from American University in Armenia, an MSc in Economic Policy Management from McGill University, and is a CFA charter holder.

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