Global ETF Strategy

BCA is a market-leading provider of independent investment research. Our Equity Research Services combine our proprietary macroeconomic framework with industry expertise and fundamental company analysis to identify unique insights and investment opportunities.


Global ETF Strategy builds on BCA's global macroeconomic thematic research, adding analysis of the global ETF market to deliver a consistent framework that connects the dots from analysis to actionable investment conclusions. Our proprietary search engine isolates the optimal ETFs for implementing any given idea, and our model ETF portfolios translate our market-cycle and macro analysis into investible instruments.



Online Platform: A unique web platform powered by a proprietary search engine that identifies the optimal ETF for obtaining a desired exposure. The search engine uses solely quantitative inputs to objectively and systematically rank every ETF by its ability to replicate the return profile of a given index.

Model Portfolios: The Global ETF Strategy team continuously maintains four model ETF portfolios spanning U.S. and global markets. These balanced portfolios bring the themes, views and ideas generated by BCA research teams all the way down to the ticker-symbol level.


Special Reports: Reports fall into one of two general categories. The first analyzes a particular investment issue – how to identify the approach of a bear market, how to invest when interest rates are rising – and discusses how investors can use ETFs to implement appropriate strategies. The second performs an in-depth examination of an ETF-specific topic – Is the rise of passive investing a concern? How well do smart-beta funds deliver factor exposure? – and ties the conclusions to actionable investment recommendations.

Model Portfolio Reviews: These reports, published on the first business day of every month, offer our take on pressing issues, discuss changes to our economic and market outlooks, and explain the rationale behind any portfolio changes. They provide a forum for delving into our views, translating them into portfolio positioning, and explaining how they've performed and why.


At our clients' direction, we are available for consultation at any level from occasional sounding board to outsourced CIO.


  • Navigate the increasingly complex and ever-expanding ETF market to identify the right assets to fit your investment strategies and market views through a unique combination of high quality research and proprietary data and analytics.
  • Link economic and market analysis on macro trends to ETF investments.
  • Establish and execute ETF asset allocation strategies.


"ETFs have evolved over the past few years to become a mainstream asset class. By linking specific ETFs to market views and analysing the BCA quant score, we are able to quickly and effectively turn BCA's market-leading analysis into actionable investment strategies."

U.S. Portfolio Manager

Doug Peta

Chief Strategist

Doug Peta is currently BCA’s Senior Vice President of both the U.S. Investment Strategy service and the Global ETF Strategy service. He joined BCA Research in 2010 and has also led the Global Asset Allocation service. He has 20 years of investment experience as a strategist, analyst and trader. He earned an MBA with Honors in Finance and Economics from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Virginia. He is a CFA charter holder.