Peter Berezin

Peter Berezin

Global Investment Strategy

Competitive Advantage
  • BCA Research's premier international investment service, Global Investment Strategy provides asset allocation advice and timely forecasts to assist clients in setting their own investment strategy.
  • Discussion of key economic and investment themes help clients understand the underlying forces that are shaping the global economic and financial market outlook.
  • The approach is unique and the result is timely, actionable recommendations which allow clients to capitalize on profit opportunities as well as preserve capital.


QUARTERLY STRATEGY OUTLOOKS: The quarterly reports highlight developing investment themes, identify opportunities and risks, recommend strategy and review performance.

WEEKLY REPORTS: Update our strategy and recommended portfolio mix. Weekly reports also keep clients informed of any important changes signaled from our proprietary indicators.

SPECIAL REPORTS: Focusing on original investment ideas, these in-depth Special Reports drill down into relevant issues affecting the outlook.

ASSET ALLOCATION AND MARKET INDICATORS: A monthly model-driven asset allocation report with a complete review of our proprietary market indicators.

ONLINE RESEARCH CHARTBOOKS: An extensive selection of charts and indicators for global equities and bonds.

Peter Berezin, Senior Vice President

Peter Berezin joined BCA Research in 2010 and is currently BCA's Senior Vice President, Global Investment Strategy. He also oversees BCA's Equity Trading Strategy service, which he helped develop and launch in 2015. During his tenure at BCA, he has also served as Chief Strategist of The Bank Credit Analyst. Prior to joining BCA, Peter worked for three years as a Senior Global Economist and Market Strategist with Goldman Sachs in New York. Previously in his career, Peter spent seven years with the International Monetary Fund, where he was involved in program negotiations and surveillance in a variety of countries with a special focus on bank restructuring in Asia. He was also a member of the IMF's Research Department, where he contributed to the Fund's flagship publication, the World Economic Outlook. Peter has extensive experience in analyzing global economic and financial market trends and is widely quoted in the financial media. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from McMaster University, a Master of Science (Economics) from the London School of Economics, and a PhD in Economics from the University of Toronto.

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