How to access our research - Frequently Asked Questions

To help you achieve MiFID II compliance, from January 2018 we will no longer send our reports as PDFs attached to emails. Here you'll find answers to any questions you have about reading our reports online, downloading PDFs from our website and using our app.

  1. How do I access BCA's research?

    • Our research is available online using BCA's browser based WebViewer.
    • Our research is available in PDF format to download for PC & Mac users.
    • iOS users can view reports using our iPhone and iPad apps, available in the Apple App Store.
    • BCA's WebViewer supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari 5+.

  2. What software do I need to read PDF reports?

  3. How can I set PDF reports to always open in Adobe Acrobat Reader when using Chrome?

    • Using Chrome, after downloading a PDF, click the ^ symbol and select "Always open in Adobe Reader". This guarantees that when future reports are downloaded they will launch in Adobe Reader automatically.

      BCA Research - FAQ

  4. Can I open PDF reports on my mobile device?

    • You can view reports on iOS devices using our iPhone or iPad apps, available in the Apple App Store.
    • You can view reports online at
    • Downloaded PDF reports cannot be viewed on mobile devices at this time.

  5. How do I download a PDF copy of a report?

    • Within the Online Viewer, you'll find a link at the top of each research report that lets you download a PDF

  6. Can I read PDF reports when offline?

    • Downloaded PDF reports require an internet connection when first opened.
    • After initial opening, downloaded reports can be viewed offline.
    • The online WebViewer lets you read offline, but each document must be activated online.

  7. Why can't my PDF document be displayed?

    You may encounter a message stating "This PDF document cannot be displayed in this viewer".

    BCA Research - FAQ

    This is due to:

    • Opening the PDF in an unsupported reader. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • Opening the PDF for the first time without an internet connection. For digital rights management purposes, an internet connection is required for the first opening only.

  8. Adobe Acrobat Reader displays a security warning. Should I trust this?

    This is part of the secure tracking functionality provided within BCA's PDF documents, and you'll see it when you open a secure PDF for the first time.
    Tick the checkbox next to "Remember this action for this site for all PDF documents" and then click the "Allow" button. BCA Research - FAQ

  9. Adobe Acrobat Reader displays a JavaScript Vitrium Security Error.

    Vitrium is a Digital Rights Management software suite used by BCA Research.
    This can occur if a user chooses 'Block' instead of 'Allow' when first prompted to connect to Vitrium (see the above FAQ) BCA Research - FAQ

    If you've already clicked Block, please follow these steps:

    1. In Adobe Reader, Edit > Preferences
      BCA Research - FAQ

    2. In the Preferences window, select Trust Manager on the left-side and click "Change Settings..."
      BCA Research - FAQ

    3. In the Manage Internet Access window, select and click the Delete button
      BCA Research - FAQ

    4. Click OK to close the Manage Internet Access window. Click OK to close the Preferences window.
    5. Close your PDF document and re-open it.
    6. When prompted to connect to Vitrium (as in the previous FAQ), click Allow

  10. My PDF shows a "This Page is Protected" message.

    You'll see this message on every page of a locked PDF from page 2 onwards.
    Clicking the link within the message will take you back to the first page, where you can find further instructions on how to view the PDF.
    BCA Research - FAQ

  11. When I view a PDF I see "Click here for the online version"

    Shown on the first page, of every unlocked PDF document. Clicking the link opens the WebViewer in the user's default browser
    BCA Research - FAQ

  12. I've followed the steps but I still can't read my PDFs offline

    You may need to clear the contents of the Adobe JSCache folder. The example below assumes Windows 7 and Adobe Acrobat 11 but the steps should be the same regardless.
    • Navigate to the location of the Adobe JSCache folder on your PC. Ex. C:\Users\keegang\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\11.0\JSCache
    • Delete the GlobData and GlobSettings files
    • Open your PDF document with an internet connection
    • Disconnect from the internet and attempt to view the PDF offline

    BCA Research - FAQ

FAQ's - WebViewer

WebViewer is the online PDF viewer as part of the Vitrium Digital Rights Management suite.

  1. When using the WebViewer in IE, I see "Error loading document" message

    This may occur when opening the report, without an internet connection and without having previously saved it for offline viewing.

    Please re-connect to the internet. If future offline-reading is required, choose to save the document for offline reading.
    BCA Research - FAQ

  2. Why is my browser not supported?

    When using the Webviewer, if your browser is unsupported you may see a message similar to below.

    BCA Research - FAQ

    Currently supported browsers include Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari 5+

  3. Secure PDF login screen.

    The screen below is seen when a user, viewing a report in the WebViewer, clicks the logout button.

    BCA Research - FAQ

  4. My annotations are not synchronizing.

    Click the bubble to try it again.
    Occurs if the user adds/edits/removes annotation without an internet connection. The error is to inform them that their modifications have not been saved to the server.
    Clicking the sync button, after being connected to the internet, will address this.
    BCA Research - FAQ

BCA Research Survey

As part of our commitment to deliver the highest quality investment research and analysis with the best user experience, we would appreciate your feedback by filling out this short survey. Thank you for your co-operation.

1. How often do you log-in to BCA's website?
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2. How would you rate your interactions with BCA Research? (5 being very satisfied, 1 being very dissatisfied)
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C. Meeting with Strategists (breakfasts, webcasts, etc.)
D. BCA events (conferences, etc.)
E. Answering ad-hoc research queries
F. Subscription and billing process
G. Regular interaction with dedicated account manager
H. Other comments

3. How would you rate BCA's website? (5 being very satisfied, 1 being very dissatisfied)
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A. Visual appeal
B. Organisation, navigation and structure of BCA's website
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E. Performance of loading content
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4. Which of the following mobile features are most important for you? (tick 3 most important)
A. Reading full research reports
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C. Searching for key indicators or analytics on markets of interest
D. Receiving short intra-day research alerts
E. Reading BCA blogs/microblogs
F. Listening to podcasts or watch webcasts on key research topics
G. Interact with other BCA users (e.g. sharing content and comments)
H. Accessing BCA Edge/Analytics
I. Interacting with BCA Strategists to answer research questions
J. Networking with other BCA clients

5. How would you rank your overall satisfaction level for your user experience with BCA? (5 being very satisfied, 1 being very dissatisfied)
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6. Which other Investment Research Applications do you use on a regular basis?
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