U.S. Bond Strategy

Competitive Advantage

  • Discusses macroeconomic and policy issues shaping the U.S. investment outlook, and provides asset allocation recommendations and insight on the direction of interest rates and bond yields.
  • Includes the following sector coverage: Treasury, investment grade and high-yield corporate, municipal, MBS, ABS and CMBS.
  • Delivers additional trading recommendations designed to exploit mispricings in related segments of the bond market such as the yield curve, inflation-indexed bonds, and corporate bond sectors.

Clear asset allocation, duration advice and specific trading ideas for all of  the major fixed income asset classes, including corporate bond sectors.


Weekly Reports
Reports discuss key issues specific to the U.S. bond market, including an overview of the investment backdrop, recommended portfolio allocation, actionable trading recommendations, and an analysis of current readings from our proprietary indicators.

Special Reports
Focusing on original investment ideas, these Special Reports drill down into the key issues that affect the bond outlook. They include both brief and in-depth pieces on timely opportunities or risks.

Monthly Summary
A review of the relative performance of each fixed income sector during the preceding month with a concise summary of prospects for the sector and a recommended overall portfolio allocation.

Ryan Swift, Chief Strategist

Ryan Swift joined BCA Research in 2010 after completing his studies in finance at Concordia University. He spent the first six years of his career at BCA as a fixed income strategist and is currently Managing Editor of the U.S. Bond Strategy service. Ryan holds an MSc in finance from Concordia University and a BCom from McGill University.”

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