Anastasios Avgeriou

Anastasios Avgeriou

U.S. Equity Strategy

Competitive Advantage
  • Examines both sector specific micro and macro factors to provide clients with a view that highlights sustainable trends.
  • Presents U.S. sector and industry allocation advice with the key inputs necessary to set equity portfolio strategy and enhance returns.
  • Delivers specific recommendations grounded in insightful analysis, backed by proprietary indicators, allowing clients to capitalize on profit opportunities as well as preserve capital.


WEEKLY REPORTS: Reports drill down our big picture view into specific sector strategies and update our view on each equity sector and industry group in the form of an overweight, neutral or underweight position.

DAILY INSIGHTS: Daily updates backed by an at-a-glance chart provide clients with specific investment recommendations, discuss recent market developments or alert clients of changes in our view.

CYCLICAL INDICATOR UPDATE: A bi-monthly overview of emerging themes along with a detailed review of our longer-term sector indicators.

SPECIAL REPORTS: These Special Reports highlight specific ideas or emerging themes affecting the outlook for specific sectors or the equity market in general.

Anastasios Avgeriou, Vice President

Anastasios Avgeriou is currently BCA's Vice President, Global Alpha Sector Strategy and U.S. Equity Strategy. Anastasios joined BCA in April 2008 as a Senior Analyst with the BCA Global Investment Strategy service, and in October 2008 transitioned to the U.S. Equity Strategy team. In August 2010, he was promoted to Editor/Strategist, and in October 2012 he was promoted to Senior Strategist, U.S. Equity Strategy. In February 2014, he launched Global Alpha Sector Strategy. Prior to his career with BCA, Anastasios was an Equity Research Associate with Scotia Capital in Montreal, QC. Anastasios holds a BCom and an MBA from McGill University.

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