U.S. Investment Strategy

Competitive Advantage

  • Presents clear strategic and tactical portfolio allocation advice for the U.S. financial markets, providing clients with key inputs for setting their own investment strategy.
  • Focuses on key economic and policy issues to help clients understand the big picture and which underlying forces stand out in shaping the U.S. investment outlook.
  • Delivers a concise view of the expected direction of U.S. financial markets and an assessment of risk that allows clients to capitalize on profit opportunities as well as preserve capital.
  • Puts global developments into perspective for investors in U. S. assets.

Provides a concise view of the expected direction in the U.S. financial markets, an assessment of risk and a recommended investment strategy.


Weekly Reports
Reports provide clients with specific investment strategy, timing advice, recommended portfolio allocation along with updates of our proprietary indicators.

Special Reports
Focusing on original investment ideas, these in-depth Special Reports drill down into the key issues affecting the outlook.

Online Research Chartbook
An extensive selection of all the major financial and economic variables highlighting the key charts and indicators that BCA Research is monitoring, giving clients a clear long-term perspective.

Chief Strategists: David Abramson & Joseph Abramson

David Abramson has been with BCA Research since 1987 and is currently the firm’s Director of Research and Chief Strategist of both the U.S. Investment Strategy and the U.S. Equity Strategy. In his tenure of over 25 years at BCA, he has served as Chief Strategist for the China Investment Strategy, Foreign Exchange Strategy, European Investment Strategy and Commodity & Energy Strategy. In addition, David is a lecturer in International Finance with McGill University and serves on the Client Committee for the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management program at Concordia University. Before joining BCA, he worked in the international department of the Bank of Canada for three years, modeling exchange rates and trade flows. He holds an MBA and an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago, as well as an MA in Economics from Carleton University.

Joseph Abramson joined BCA in July 2005 as an Associate Editor within the Emerging Markets Strategy team and in late 2006 moved to the European Investment Strategy service. He has over ten years experience in the investment field including three years experience as a Research Analyst for a long-short hedge fund and three years as an Associate Portfolio Manager for a major financial institution. Mr. Abramson has extensive experience in combining top-down, macro analysis with in-depth fundamental research to obtain strong performance results.

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